About Me

To my adoring fan base,

I’m sure you are wondering just who would be lame enough to have watched The Nostril Picker, Raiders of the Living Dead, all the Leprechaun series, ten Puppet Master films (with more to come!) and, at various times depending on current votes, about ten of the films on the Bottom 100 list on IMDB as well as classics like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Aliens and The Curse of Frankenstein. Well for those of you who do visit my site (and it’s surprising who does read my reviews…..Mr Robert Davi I’m looking at you here), I’ll tell you a bit about myself … although not too much because I don’t want any disgruntled directors or writers tracking me down after I’ve trashed their films!

I’m Andrew, a regular Brit who has an unhealthy attraction to things film-related. Not only does my current Blu-ray collection run to around 300 films and TV series at the present time, I’ve also got a massive collection of other film formats spanning around 1000 as it stands. I used to work as a manager at Blockbuster, which just propelled my love of film, and I decided to get into the world of reviewing back in 2000 as a daft Sunday afternoon’s boredom took hold. 14 years later and I’m still here.

The bottom line is that I love films, horror in particular, and I know that the reason you’re here is due to the same interest. Let’s face it: no other genre can give you the diverse range of quality that the horror genre can. From Halloween and The Thing to the bottom of the barrel with Troll 2 and Seven Mummies, this is the genre that keeps on giving. When I’m not educating film fans to the highs and lows of the genre market, I’m educating young minds as an English teacher in a secondary school. It truly is the greatest job in the world, though not very forgiving on the free time I need to keep this hobby alive on a regular basis. If any of my pupils past or present have tracked me down, then I hope they see me in a different light! I embrace social media in the development of this site and have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for you to check out and follow.

My reviews are based on a simple philosophy: I like to be entertained. Films that bore me are the biggest fail. If I keep looking at the clock instead of the screen, then the filmmaker has blown his chance. For me, films are brain candy, not art, and something to unwind with at the end of a hard day. I don’t care for films making you think about life or whatever – if I want to be educated, I’ll read a book (and that’s why I go to university). I want to see people getting eaten by sharks, giant monsters smashing cities to piece and nubile teenagers having pre-martial sex and then being sliced by a masked maniac. I want to see Baron Frankenstein try and create the Creature for the thousandth time, Dracula sink his teeth into another neck and the world being over run by ravenous zombie hordes. This, my friends, is the horror genre. It makes you wet your pants with excitement and fear the same time.

My favourite film, you may ask? Well, funnily enough, it’s the non-horror The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. I watched it as a kid and fell in love with it, and I’ve seen it that many times in my life that I can quote almost the entire film word-for-word (don’t quote me on that – for comedy “about me” purposes only). Coming in a close second is a tie-breaker between The Thing and Jaws and honourable mentions go to PredatorDestroy All MonstersTremors and Ghostbusters (plus non-Popcorn films Zulu and The Naked Gun). And just for the record, Peter Cushing is my favourite actor. A gentleman and a scholar outside the business, and one of the most consistent performers I’ve had the pleasure of watching.

Anyway, that’s enough about me – I hope you find the site interesting. Pick your poison, click on the reviews page and start browsing through my huge collection. Peace.