If you are a film maker of any kind and would like Popcorn Pictures to review your film (sorry no shorts), please get in touch with the name of the film and a brief description of the plot and production process. Any promotional material (stills, trailers, web links, posters, etc) are welcome and will be used to promote your film.


If you are a distributor who is looking for web sites to help promote your future releases, then Popcorn Pictures will be open to discussing options. We are keen to get into reviewing films before they are released courtesy of promotional screeners!


If you are a disgruntled writer, producer, director, actor or other miscellaneous part involved in making a film that we’ve reviewed, please bear in mind that all reviews are subjective. Not everyone has the same opinion as me. Though I would like to hear from you if you feel like you got a bum rap (or even a decent review!).


Any other queries or questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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