Insecticidal (2005)

Insecticidal (2005)

These girls have a new major… survival

College girl Cami is a brilliant scientist who experiments on her insects in the basement of her sorority house. Her latest experiment involves insect intelligence but a fellow housemate is alarmed by an escaped insect and promptly kills off the rest of the test subjects. However they don’t quite die as the girls later discover when the insects grow to enormous size and begin to terrorise everyone and anyone in the vicinity of the house.


Films like this promise little but exploitation – babes, boobs and blood. And that’s exactly what Insecticidal delivers in a bucket load. No fancy plot. No diversionary material. No unnecessary characters. Just sorority girls battling giant bugs! Can it get any more straightforward than that? Forget Snakes on a Plane, if anyone was ever going to make a really bad film with a cheesy title it should be Babes Versus Bugs.

Insecticidal is dumb. It’s insulting to females. It’s insulting to science. It’s insulting to special effects creators everywhere. It’s only got one demographic in mind and that’s the 18-30 male demographic. And I like it. It’s clear that the guys behind it have a love for the genre and it shows. It doesn’t make pretences about what it wants to accomplish and sets out to try and keep its target audience happy….which it does and then some.

The film doesn’t take too long to get down to the thick of things and it’s pretty obvious from the start that you’re going to have one of two things on camera for most of the film. The opening scene involves a bimbo and a jock screwing. It’s not long before there’s a token shower scene. Oh yes, the swimming pool makes an appearance too, providing more bikinis and bulging breasts. Hang on a minute, it’s been a while since a shower scene so the film comes along and slaps in another one. If the chicks aren’t naked in the film, they’re as near naked as possible. And if the chicks aren’t getting the focus of the camera, then it’s time for the giant bugs to come along and start carving people up. The film is constantly shifting from babe to bug, as if trying to keep the male viewer hypnotized with the things they’ve tuned in to see. It works though.

The bugs look terrible. This is seriously grade Z material. Most of the bugs are reasonably small, scurrying across the floor but it’s the giant preying mantis that turns the most laughs in. It looks like the same few frames of animation were used time and time again. The bugs get stuck in though and there’s a big body count. Blood goes everywhere. Body parts fly around the room. There’s plenty of bug goo when one of them is killed. For an obviously low budget flick, there’s a hell of a lot of time and effort put into the make up.

As for the cast, it’s clear why the females were picked. Samantha McLeod seems to be getting the most attention having read other reviews and that’s because she’s got an absolutely gigantic rack. I hate focusing on this and it cheapens the review immensely but that’s all you ever see when she’s on screen! For those of you who may wonder, she was in Snakes on a Plane as the blonde chick who is making out with her boyfriend in the toilet when one of the snakes decides to snack on her nipple. The supposedly geeky Cami, played by Meghan Heffern, is hot as hell with a girl-next-door look. Forget the big-breasted blondes who pop out of their tops and make out with each other, this perky little dame is the chick I’d want to score with. The film tries it’s best to make her look plain and nerdy but it just works in her favour because she’s so cute. She manages to hold it all together in the first half of the film but plenty of times during the second half, you can see a wry smile cross her face and she looks on the verge of bursting into laughter. The same goes for the rest of the cast. Somehow they all keep it together in the first half but then as things get icky and characters get showered in bug goo, everyone looks like they want to start rolling around in fits of laughter.


A guilty pleasure if there was one, Insecticidal is the silly tonic fans need to down after they’ve sat through the never-ending dreck that the Sci-Fi Channel has been churning out lately. Now who wants to fund me a couple of grand to make Babes Versus Bugs?





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