Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007)

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007)

It’s Mating Season

Luke Callahan is now a grad student working as a teacher’s assistant in college and is still reeling over the events that killed his friends years earlier, constantly wondering whether or not it actually happened. That is until one of the students approaches him and tells him that his friends are going missing on campus. It seems that the aliens are back and up to their old mating tricks again, a process to which few human men survive the extreme cold.


The original Decoys is another horror film which had some relative success on DVD a few years ago and yet another straight-to-DVD sequel to cash in. I’ve watched a load of these lately and it will never cease to surprise me when I see more sequels churned out in quick succession. Familiarity breeds success and these sequels are a safe way of getting some cash with a tried-and-tested plot. As I stated in my review for Dracula II: Ascension, these sequels are usually just low budget remakes of the originals and only offer minor differences, normally for the worst. Thankfully the original Decoys turned out to be a decent mix of Species, The Faculty and American Pie but a sequel is pushing it just a bit. “Entertaining but instantly forgettable” was my summing up. Just like the original, Decoys 2: Alien Seduction offers up a decent mix of horror, laughs and entertainment but it’s too goofy for its own good most of the time.

The problem here is that the film goes for more a jokey and light-hearted tone with a couple of goofy characters and some pretty silly and cheesy dialogue. I got the impression that this was trying a bit too hard to be a bit too stupid at times, notably towards the end of the film where the characters do things like run inside a dorm and watch a live feed of a guy who is getting mauled by an alien outside the building. But there are enough alien attacks peppered throughout the film to keep a mild level of carnage and impending doom floating around. The beautiful aliens return once more and they’re hotter than ever. They’ve also gained the ability to read the minds of their victim and transform their outfits into whatever the victim wants them to be wearing. Cue leather, schoolgirls and other insanely hot costumes. The chicks are very hot and their tops will be lowered numerous times throughout the duration. No complaints from me there.

Even their alien forms aren’t too bad on the visuals. Just like the original, they look like Sil from the Species films and at least most of the time they are actually played by people wearing make-up as opposed to CGI, which is saved for the tentacles and general squirmy nastiness that comes forth from their stomachs. You do get to see a lot of the aliens too which is quite surprising given that they are usually covered up as much as they can in lower budgeted sequels.

As for the cast, it’s great to see two of the original’s cast to reprise their roles. Corey Sevier still doesn’t much to impress me as the hero of the piece but at least he adds continuity to the series. Also returning is one of the original aliens, Kim Poirier, who looks just slightly less hot than she did three years ago and unfortunately keeps her clothes on this time. I guess that’s the beauty of being one of the stars of the show now. Tobin Bell pops up in a small role as a professor at the college, presumably so that his name could be thrown around on the front cover. Dina Meyer, another decent-ish name pops up for a small role as a doctor at the hospital. Again unfortunately for the viewer, she does not relive her Starship Troopers moments by baring all.

You can probably guess a recurring theme throughout this review in that I’m commenting on just about every female that has starred in the film and drops or doesn’t drop their tops. That’s all the film is – constant hot chicks getting naked and then trying to impregnate some guys in the freezing cold. It worked in the original and it just about works here too. Maybe the gloss has worn off a bit and it does get a little repetitive (how many times the characters fall for the same two chicks once they know that they are aliens is beyond me).


Decoys 2: Alien Seduction is a solid follow up to a decent little horror film. It’s practically the same film repeated over again and there are some minor annoyances that weren’t present before (like the goofy tone). But its mix of chills, laughs, gore and nudity will be enough to satisfy those with a small craving for a solid ninety-four minutes. Believe me you can do a heck of a lot worse.


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