Demonic Toys (1992)

Demonic Toys (1992)

They want to play with you.

After they are busted by the police and kill a cop, two arms dealers escape into a toy factory. One of them is shot in the process and bleeds into the floor, inadvertently releasing a sixty-six year old demon that has the power to bring toys to life to act as his minions. The demon is looking for a body to inhabit and instructs the toys to bring him the female cop, who is pregnant, so that he may possess the body of her unborn child.


Charles Band has some sort of obsession with little things and low budget horror films. The man who brought us the Puppet Master series was also the brains behind a slew of ‘tiny terror’ films like Hideous!, Dollman, Blood Dolls and more. It’s no surprise to delve into his back catalogue to find a whole load more miniature monsters ready to cause mischief. Killer toys are the name of the game in Demonic Toys, one of his earlier efforts released way back in 1992. Clearly one for milking an idea until it is dry, Band

Taken for the low budgeter that it is, Demonic Toys can almost be enjoyable at times: that is when the annoying demon child isn’t talking in his ridiculous deep voice. Or even when the cast aren’t doing unexplainable things which are simply there to further the plot (like lock themselves in a store room). Or the constant knack of another character getting introduced to simply fill out the body count a little more (why was the runaway girl in the film, for instance). As is the common theme with these films, you have to suspend your brain for the proceedings. This is always the case when you have to try and believe that something around an eighth the size of a fully-grown man can actually out-power one, let alone kill them. Even more so when one of these things doesn’t possess any arms!

The toys spend all of their time skulking around in the warehouse. It’s the only real set of the film which is a plus in many respects as the budget could have gone into the special effects, assuming there was a budget to begin with. Porn shoots would probably get more money than Demonic Toys did which conveniently leads me into my next point in that the cast look like they’ve just come from one. I’m not even sure whether Demonic Toys was actually just a side-project in between porn shoots. The one-location story makes for monotonous watching and the film is always dark and gloomy. There’s not even a lot happening in between random toy attacks and there’s an awful lot of padding here for an eighty-six minute film. Its hard to believe that writer David S. Goyer would go on to pen the Blade trilogy after this.

There are lots of problems with Demonic Toys but thankfully, when the title creatures are on-screen, the film is a lot of fun. Baby Oopsy-Daisy is a hilarious little bugger with a foul mouth who cracks all of the one-liners to give the film some comedy value. It may be a little crude and juvenile but the sight of such a thing verbally ripping apart the humans is a sight to behold and would give Chucky a run for his money. There’s Jack Attack, a jack-in-the-box who looks like a miniaturised version of one of the Killer Klowns From Outer Space, complete with a sadistic little laugh. These are the only two toys (to date of review) to make it through the other sequels and spin-offs. The other toys don’t fair as well, with Grizzly Teddy and Mr Static, a toy robot, making up the foursome in less memorable fashion. We know that the special effects aren’t going to be great but John Carl Beuchler works some magic on them, turning the toys, especially Baby Oopsy-Daisy into legitimate threats. It’s a shame that their screen time is limited, with the focus of the film being on the demon. Too much time is spent on this weak story and not enough time on little things killing bigger things!


Demonic Toys has some mildly entertaining B-movie moments whenever the toys are around but their screen time is too intermittent and the rest of the film drags like crazy. It looks like someone found these toys from a charity shop because the whole thing smacks of bottom-rung budget. Best to donate them back!


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