Hybrid (1997)

Hybrid (1997)

The Outer Limits of Horror

In the future, a group of military survivors make their way through a desert seeking shelter from an approaching ion storm. They stumble upon a research facility which looks to be abandoned. Taking refuge inside, they find that the facility wasn’t abandoned – its residents were killed off by an alien hybrid which the science team had been experimenting on but it escaped. Seeing no way out of their predicament, the group becomes the next target of the monster.


Three words spring to mind straight away before I even watched this and they were “Fred Olen Ray.” The guy has directed some seriously low-rent exploitation films in his time, some of which I’ve watched including the likes of Evil Toons. His basic film formula consists of cheap-rate actors trying to act, plenty of naked chicks in scenes bordering on softcore, ridiculous plots, ropey special effects and tacky gore. And what do you know: Hybrid contains an abundance of everything. Straight out of the Alien school of ‘alien monster kills off people in confined space’ plots comes this dreadful third-rate shocker which would have looked a bit out of place in 80s, let alone 1997.

Hybrid opens with some stock footage of a spaceship attacking a planet but we have no idea what it is, nor are we told what happened during the entire film. Perhaps it was the aliens destroying Earth and thus that is where the “desolate wasteland” scenario came from? Or maybe it was the alien’s home planet which was destroyed? Or maybe the alien was one of the destroyers, to show you how aggressive and deadly that species can be? I honestly don’t know and I shouldn’t have to think of these things myself! Playing “guess which film the stock footage came from” would be a lot more enjoyable.

We’re introduced to the cast who are just travelling through the desert – we don’t know why and I don’t think they do either. They’re just there, ok? They stumble across a corpse, or at least they think it is until they find it’s some guy playing dead to prey on travellers – in the middle of a dry desert on a ruined planet with no one in sight I might add (not a great place to make a living). They proceed to the science facility where they split off into teams and thus the fun begins.

The two chicks go with each other, find a shower and despite the life-threatening presence of a killer monster, they engage in a lesbian scene. I mean it’s not like I’m complaining about seeing naked chicks going at it in a shower but come on, at least give us a proper reason even if it is completely lame. One of the chicks proceeds to get naked later in the film and then a few characters die when the monster eventually catches them up. The monster which you don’t actually get to see I might add, save for a close-up of its jaws every now and then. Cue plenty of characters walking around in dark corridors and that’s it. It’s so non-descript and uneventful that it’s really hard to describe. The film has little action and the B-rate cast are generic B-rate film stars who’ve appeared in other films such as Brinke Stevens. Most of them try their best but they either come off as really bad actors or non-actors who’ve just done their mate a favour. Hell, the blonde chick with the rack even looks like a porn star. At least you can always guarantee Fred Olen Ray will give the guys what they want to see!


Hybrid is bad, in fact it’s worse than that – I can’t find an adjective which sums it all up in one. The only saving grace here is seeing J.J. North naked on two separate occasions, with the shower scene being a highlight. If only all films had a shower scene, it would be a better world…..oh yeah the film is a pile of crap.





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