Mangler Reborn, The (2005)

The Mangler Reborn (2005)

The Massacre Continues…

A fix-it man has got hold of what was left of the notorious Mangler laundry machine and spends most of his time tinkering with it and trying to repair it. Things go wrong for him when he becomes possessed by it and he begins to kill people to feed it’s thirst for blood.


From a killer laundry machine in the original to a killer school computer and now just a plain old killer machine, The Mangler series is one weird and meaningless series of horror flicks featuring bottom-of-the-rung effects, a lack of story and all round sense of ‘why bother?’ Stephen King’s weak short story was turned into a ridiculous horror film with Robert Englund back in 1995. Not content with leaving it there, someone thought it would be a good idea to churn out a sequel in 2001. What then came was one of the worst sequels ever made – a sequel that instantly turned the original into horror’s equivalent of The Godfather.

Now here we are again, another four years later and ten years after the original with the second sequel. On an ever-diminishing budget which screams that they blew their money on acquiring the rights to the Mangler name (that must have been really expensive) and with increasing desperation to milk every last penny out of the name, The Mangler Reborn will bore the pants off you in no time and make you wander just what the producers were smoking when they green lit this.

The story of the film is simple: people wander into a house and then they’re killed and fed to the machine. And that’s the entire film in a nutshell! The majority of the scenes are shot inside the house so the film consists of the small-in-numbers cast stumbling around the empty house, looking in the same empty rooms and making the same mistakes in their futile attempts to escape. One trip around the house is enough but the more the characters search around trying to escape, the more your eyes begin to hurt and the more you wish they’d just go straight into the room with the Mangler or the mallet-wielding repairman. Let me make this perfectly clear – that’s all that happens in this film. It’s so light on plot, characters and any form of development that it’s almost impossible to sit through.

To make things worse not only is the film extremely monotonous but it’s badly drawn out. The pacing is dreadful and scenes just drag on for much longer than needed. I can understand some scenes need to be dragged out to create a bit of suspense or atmosphere but when guys are talking to each other in a car for five minutes about nothing, it smacks of padding the running time. At least they did the wise thing by ignoring the first sequel ever existed and instead use events from the original to attach itself into Mangler history. Things do pick up somewhat in the last twenty minutes or so when blood begins to fly off the screen, the repairman starts bashing people with his mallet and the Mangler starts, well mangling people. But it’s too little, too late.

About the only notable thing in the entire film is the casting of Reggie Bannister as one of the burglars who makes the horrible decision to break into the single worst house on the planet. Horror fans will know Bannister from his work in the Phantasm series of films and the film’s best moment comes when he realises he’s actually stealing from a serial killer. We could have done with a lot more of this guy in the film, cracking some one-liners and livening things up. Also popping up in a cameo is Jeff Buff, a director who’s made plenty of low budget flicks in his time. Weston Blakesley may look the part of a fat repairman but he’s definitely not the serial killer type and taking him seriously as some psychopath will take a lot of imagination on your behalf.


The Mangler Reborn is a pointless film that serves absolutely no purpose in life whatsoever. It’s still better then the first sequel which says something about how truly shocking this series really is. I never want to see a machine come to life ever again unless it’s in a Terminator film.





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