Raging Sharks (2005)

Raging Sharks (2005)

You Can Swim, But You Can’t Hide.

Oceania is an underwater lab currently investigating a strange occurrence on the ocean floor: a field of magnetic pulses that are driving sharks into a frenzy. During a repair mission to the station, two of the divers are killed and the oxygen cables to the surface are cut. With time running out and the sharks becoming more aggressive, what are the people on board going to do?


Every time I sit down to watch one of these killer sharks flicks, I always end up with the same conclusion at the end – I proclaim that the film is one of the worst killer shark flicks ever made and that they can’t get any worse. Well I’ll actually start my review this time with the expression “this is the worst killer shark flick ever made and they surely can’t get any worse.” What’s better is that these aren’t just normal sharks, they’re Raging Sharks.

The film begins and we’re in outer space no less. This leads to some blatant stock footage from a sci-fi film being inserted where two spaceships fly into each other and the crash sends one of them tumbling down into the sea on Earth, which results in the magnetic fields and thus turns the sharks into raging sharks. I might add that the downed spaceship just so happens to crash through a normal ship on it’s way to the bottom of the sea for extra carnage – what are those odds? The sharks then turn aggressive and begin eating anything that goes near them, which is quite convenient given that the undersea lab and the rescue boat on the surface have the suicidal urges to continue to put divers into the water even though they know what is going to happen to them. Sending people to their deaths was never as blatant as this!

Watching the sharks attack divers early in the film really got my mind ticking over. Have I seen this shark attack scene somewhere before? You bet! Pretty much every scene involving the sharks attacking people has been ‘lifted’ from the Shark Attack series, most notably the second one. Nu Image have the annoying habit of re-using old footage from their previous films and that’s pretty much all you’re going to get here. The limp premise is just an excuse to cull a load of their previous films into one horrible mess of a film. The film even switches from the ocean floor to the coast at one point where the raging sharks go mental on a bunch of surfers, again culled from the Shark Attack series. Another pointless waste of five minutes of screen time because no sooner as the surfers are dead does the action switch back over to the undersea lab.

There’s stock footage of a plane supposedly landing out at sea – only the problem here is that you can clearly see the coast in the background. In fact it looks more like a lake complete with houses and hills. Submarines explode for no apparent reason. And yes, every solution the researchers come up with to save themselves is to venture out into the shark-infested waters. They sharks even take a back seat for most of the second half as one of the team is revealed to be a traitor and it becomes Die Hard underwater, with all manner of explosions and machine gun exchanges. As if the film needed a human villain when it has RAGING SHARKS killing people! Sharks which are 90% stock footage and 10% rubber heads and fins.

B-Movie regulars Corin Nemec, Vanessa Angel and Corbin Bernsen are on hand to chew the terrible script into oblivion. Maybe their scenes were just stock footage compiled from their previous exploits too?


I’m seriously at a loss for words. Raging Sharks BLOWS. The tag line states “You can swim. But you can’t hide.” Hmmm, want to bet? This is the sound of me ejecting the DVD and then smashing it with a hammer…….





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