Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

The nightmare is about to begin… again!

Ricky, the brother of the original Santa killer, is in a psychiatric ward after witnessing the death of his brother. He tells all to a doctor and, as he recounts the tragic events surrounding the death of his parents and his brother’s killing spree, he begins to slowly go insane himself. Ricky escapes, embarking on a murderous spree in a Santa Claus outfit just like his brother. His target: Mother Superior, the cruel disciplinarian nun from the original who pushed his brother over the edge. Can anyone stop Ricky?


Or should I say Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 1 and 1/2? After one of slasher lore’s most infamous entries, the scene was set for a kick ass sequel which upped the gore and nudity quota, threw a few more Christmas jokes around and generally upset more kids and parents at the sight of a murderous Santa ending the lives of naughty people. Unfortunately we don’t get any hint of that and I feel grossly ripped off, as if I’ve just opened my presents on Christmas Day to find a shiny new xBox 360 waiting for me but there’s no controller to play on it with!

Why am I feeling so aggrieved? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the first forty minutes of this sequel were basically flashback scenes from the original! Even though Ricky wasn’t present during most of what happened thus making any flashbacks illogical, the film still pretty much shows us a highlight reel of the original’s exploits – a sort of ‘best of’ if you would. It’s cheap padding at its, well, cheapest.

Apparently this was shot in ten days and it shows because they’ve only shot enough footage for half of a film! Only people who saw the original would even consider watching this and then that surprisingly means we’ve actually seen this footage anyway so what is the point in recapping the entire film again? You might as well just watch the original in its entirety all over again or simply skip this to the half way point. It’s all well and good seeing Linnea Quigley’s classic ‘death-by-antlers’ scene again but these aren’t brief highlights, these are full scenes played out to the max to fill the running time. Having read up further, it appears that the producers wanted to re-cut the original film and inserted a couple of new scenes of a mental patient to make the original film appear as though it was the figment of their imagination. I’m actually kind of glad that the film turned out this way because that would have been even more criminal.

It’s pretty hard to review this properly since I’ve already covered most of it in my review for the original! I was hoping for a lot more fresh footage because the new stuff with Ricky was pretty entertaining, especially when he goes on his murderous rampage through the streets with the handgun leading to a couple of unique death scenes involving death by car jump-leads.

Eric Freeman is great as Ricky though – the guy is built like a tank and certainly adds a different physical element to the role of the generic slasher. He’s quite a sympathetic character too and, like his brother from the original, it’s easy to understand just why he turns into a psycho. But there’s not really much for him to do. He doesn’t even don the trademark Santa outfit until very late in the film when he’s tracked down Mother Superior (played by a different actress this time, wearing a silly prosthetic mask to make her look like Lilyan Chauvin from the original).


Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is basically two films in one. If you haven’t seen the original then fear not as this has all of the best bits. Unfortunately the new footage shot for the sequel just isn’t worth sitting through it all again, especially if you’ve only just recently watched the original!





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