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Popcorn Fall

Popcorn Pictures

Reviewing the best (and worst) of horror, sci-fi and fantasy since 2000

  • Andrew Smith

Back in the game

Just a quick note on this momentous day. The domain name is back operational and pointing to the correct domain hosting, the re-design seems to be working well and I'm managing the behind-the-scenes organisation on the new software pretty easily - given there's going to hundreds of pages and images added, it needs a method to the madness.

The best thing is, I did it all myself. And what's funny is that some of the things I'd asked the failed web designer to do, and they didn't, I've actually been able to do myself using Wix. Pretty happy overall.

Now comes the problem of migrating over every review from Word, adding cast and crew details, finding suitable images, making sure each review is formatted correctly and then updating to the web site. Might take some time but I've signed up for a 2 year deal with Wix to begin with so I've got lots of time to get it done.


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