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  • Andrew Smith

Vangelis: Blade Runner composer dies aged 79

In some sad news today, Vangelis, the composer of the Blade Runner soundtrack, as well as one of film's most famous scores in Chariots of Fire, has died aged 79. Though he was not entirely prolific in the genres that I review on here, it's only fitting that I mention his passing for his immense contribution to Ridley Scott's seminal work of art.

Blade Runner stands the test of time as one of science fiction's greatest masterpieces and whilst there are numerous outstanding reasons why it has, one of the most important is the breath-taking, futuristic soundtrack. Vangelis really captures the dystopian mood across the whole film with a range of cues, none more fitting than the climax where Deckard and Batty have their final confrontation, leading to the 'Tears in the Rain' monologue, without question one of cinema's most poetic and poignant sequences.

It's an ironic scene now, given that Rutger Hauer and Vangelis have both since died, but their contributions here make it a fitting tribute and it's worth posting it again here for everyone to appreciate the brilliance on display.


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