Sorority House Massacre II (1990)

Sorority House Massacre II (1990)

It’s Cleavage vs. Cleavers and the result is Delta Delta Deadly!

Five teenagers buy a cheap old house which was the scene of a bloody massacre some years earlier and decide to turn it into their sorority house. But they encounter their creepy neighbour, Orville Ketchum, who tells them he was the one who found the bodies. They also mess around with an ouija board and soon someone is stalking the girls through the house.


Much better than the dreary original, this brainless slasher is a real hoot of a time for fans of the genre. In fact this one isn’t even anything to do with Sorority House Massacre and instead plays footage from the totally unrelated The Slumber Party Massacre – but they re-dub the voices, rename the characters and pretend that this footage was newly filmed. Almost bordering on self-parody but nowhere near intelligent enough to be intentional, Sorority House Massacre II is cheap, derivative, uber-trashy and panders to the lowest possible denominators but its slasher goodness to a tee.

Originally sketched as a standalone film (which explains why it has nothing to do with the original) but tagged as a sequel for no doubt financial reasons, Sorority House Massacre II plays like your standard slasher for the majority, introducing the group of sorority girls and then proceeding to get them in their underwear (and less) as quickly as possible and keeping them in their nighties for the rest of the running time before the mysterious killer begins stalking them around the house. These girls look more like porn stars than college students (and they’re way too dumb to be at college anyway) but director Jim Wynorski was never one to shy away from softcore horror as most of his films have dabbled in both. The nudity is gratuitous and a little unnecessary at times particularly a scene in which the lingerie-clad girls rush outside into the rain only to go back inside sporting wet t-shirts.

I can’t believe I’m complaining but sometimes enough is enough! The camera lingers over the girls a little too much and I’m wondering just how many takes some of these scenes had to have before they were done! The actresses aren’t great and that’s being generous. It’s clear why they were all hired and to be fair, in that department they should win an Oscar. But they do what the roles demand of them and that’s get naked, scream and run around a dark house. Unfortunately most of the kills happen off screen which is a bit of a let down. The two main ingredients of slashers from this era were T&A and gore. This film is top-heavy with one department and very light on the other!

As I’ve mentioned, the film uses ‘flashback’ footage from The Slumber Party Massacre as a time filler and in another sub-plot a pair of cops visit a strip-joint for apparently no reason at all but to get some dirt about the creepy neighbour (and provide the film with more nudity). Orville Ketchum is a laugh as the fat, creepy neighbour from hell and his over-the-top performance just sums the film up brilliantly. It’s a pity that this sub-plot was simply a cheap scam to lengthen the film. The film is quite self-aware at times, playing on some of the clichés of the genre with the likes of the group not wanting to split up to search the house or going off to investigate a strange noise. It also throws some red herrings with the aforementioned neighbour being the prime culprit.

Due to the nature of the rest of the film, it’s clear that the makers were not deliberately attempting to make an early version of Scream and the final output appears much cleverer than it actually is. Without any real story to it and without needing a brain or shred of intellect to watch, the series of set pieces of the girls taking multiple showers, changing their lingerie every other scene, being chased around the house and then being hacked up is rather simple but effective.


There is such a thing as a ‘so bad it’s good’ film and Sorority House Massacre II is proof. It’s extremely sexist and EXTREMELY dumb but it’s got just the right ingredients to make it highly watchable. The original went for the serious angle and it didn’t work. This one goes for the cheese route and is all the better for it. Perfect for boozy nights in with the guys or more adult Halloween parties.





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